My name is Lee McKenzie. I am a 25 year old performer, guitarist, singer, writer & audio engineer.
I am also an instrument teacher working under The Lakes Performing Arts Company in Rotorua BOP.

I have completed a Diploma in music production and performance with high grades, achieving the APRA award for songwriting.
The diploma saw me expand my technical skills, writing skills, knowledge base and performance confidence, as well as inspire my new found enthusiasm for studio engineering.

I offer solo performances with a high degree of musicianship and professionalism.
My ability to craft and stylize arrangements of covers produces fresh and engaging acts which I'm confident will leave an impression.
Performances of my own original compositions offer a fresh and sincere corner of creation within the vast and beautiful world of songwriting.

As a meticulous engineer my knowledge and growing experience make me a great option for recording & production needs.
Contact me for more details on my small scale, freelance & mobile recording/production venture. This is ideal for solo, duo or trio artists wishing to document, preserve & develop their work.

My own creations are the product of a rich childhood imagination that’s developed over time to become musically channeled creativity. This coupled with an analytical and meticulous mind produces a unique and colorful sound that is a sub-conscious melting pot of my influences.
The "download music" link in the sidebar goes to my profile on "Bandcamp". Here you can listen to my latest completed releases which showcase the musical direction I'm heading in.

In November 2014 I launched my debut album "The Observer" which is also available via the "download music" link in the sidebar.
The album is a collection of work all produced at different times, & all with varying degrees of resource, knowledge & ability.
"Experimental songwriting & stripped back, yet colorful arrangements sensitively match with a slightly melancholic style & dreamy sense of space".
The album has been compared with Pink Floyd, & full descriptive write up's as well as lyrical material can be seen by clicking on each song.
The album flows & builds up to the title track at the end - This title track remaining my most detailed single song project to date.
Please also check out The Observer music video in the "My Videos" tab.

I don't fixate on particular artists or genres much but I am always inspired by any music/writing which strikes me as colourful, imaginative & expressive. That said I grew up listening to groups like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, & I've always had a fondness for the late David Bowie.
In more recent years the British group "Porcupine Tree" has become a favourite & I hold the groups frontman "Steven Wilson" in especially high esteem. Wilsons now solo career has in my opinion also created some extremely admirable work.

For any enquires what so ever please don’t hesitate to contact me at or use the built in forum within the website.